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30/11/2013 20:08

New Photos added

There are new Photos added to the gallery. There are two photos of a crash. One withe the wood VMI and one with the Tryana II. There are also two articles added in the news section about the Tryane II.  


16/11/2013 14:50

Website launched

Our new website has been launched on 16 november 2013  


16/11/2012 17:07

Reinventing the wheels

Reinventing the wheels   Recent article, others in following paragraphs. Flying with cars.   Road travel has shrunk for the first time on record in the UK , despite our mushrooming population. The growing proportion who are carless includes most of our...


01/11/2008 00:00

From tree to trike

In this article explains how he came to apply his woodworking talents to a wooden velomobile. Velo Vision (Issue 32 December...


01/01/2007 00:00

Mentalist's Motors, Practical Performance Car


30/11/2000 20:37

Wooden Wonder The Castrol CCC converted car of the Year Award


03/07/2000 16:21

Me and my motor The Guardian

Me and my motor: Friend Wood Claire Phipps The Guardian, Monday 3 July 2000 16.21 What is your car? A lightweight, aerodynamic transport pod - with a wooden body. Why do you drive it? It's an ecological method of transport - light, with low drag. What does it say about you? That...


31/07/1989 23:11

Flying on three weels, Hannes Hromadka

Flying on three weels Vorwort: Dies ist ein Bericht über das seltsame Fahrzeug, das hier abgebildet ist. Wer jetzt denkt, was hat das in einer Entenzeitung verloren, soll mir die Themaverfehlung verzeihen und weiterblättern. Wer jedoch in der Ente nicht nur ein Überbleibsel aus der Steinzeit des...